Nose Injury

Falls sports and recreation activities, accidents.  These can all be causes of nose injuries. Most nose injuries involve bruising, swelling and pain. Whether or not the nose is broken.  Applying ice to reduce the swelling and taking an over the counter pain medication is usually all that is required to resolve a typical nose injury.  However, it is important to see medical attention if:

  • You have a nosebleed that will not stop.
  • You think your nose is broken
  • The skin on your nose is punctured.
  • The bridge of your nose collapses (A result of a hole in your septum.)

** You should also seek medical attention if the injury results in difficulty breathing, changes the size or shape of your nose or causes on ongoing drainage.

Treatment for simple nose fractures (the bone remains in place) is a combination of pain medications, nasal decongestants and in some severe cases a nose splint.

If you have injured your nose, please contact our office and schedule an appointment. We would be happy to be a part of your health care needs. 

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