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The Staff is awesome and super helpful with making adjustments to a different way of hearing. They assisted me with my hearing aids and were helpful with getting everything set up. 

E. Browning



My Signa Styletto Connect Hearing aids are a life changer! I can now hear and understand my grandchildren quite well. My cell phone conversations are so much better too. Lisa has been awesome with setting up the programs for me. (My outdoor sports program is perfect for hunting.) I have annoying tinnities. Once Dr. Ferraro treatment elimated my congestion, the notch thearpy was added to the universal program  and the ringing is no where near as bothersome. Streaming music and ausio books while working around the house is geat. Ia m no longer asked to turn the TV down so my partner can sleep! I am so grateful to Carlisle ENT.

Josi R.


After calling what seemed like a million places, Carisle ENT got me in as a new patient quickly for my needs. The front desk was very pleasant and so was the doctor's assistant. The doctor was very easy going and had a great bedside mannor about him. I will definitely be recommending Carisle ENT to any friends needing a specialist in this area. Thanks again for today! -Crystal



Lisa, Thanks so much for helping with all the hearing aid stuff and testing. You've been great! I so deeply appreciate your help!


Deborah B.

"I have serious problems with each of my ears, So generally make several visits each year to Dr. Ferraro. Some of these problems are not "Curable", but Dr. Ferraro treats each with knowledge, expertise and gentleness. He explains when I cannot understand (which can be often!) and is patient and congeneal with me."

Barbara L.

"I have new hearing aids and I've had several problems requiring adjustments. But, Lisa is patient with my frequent requests for appointments, and usually finds a way to solve or get around the problem!  Lisa knows her hearing aids!"

Barbara L.

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